Our focus is making delicious food and cultivating client relationships. We combine the attention and detail of a one-on-one personal chef experience with the convenience and ease of prepared meal delivery. We have been told that our meal deliveries help reduce kitchen messes and dirty dishes, save time, and make thoughtful gifts for new parents, family, friends, and colleagues.

How It Works

Start by choosing a meal plan, then we create a personalized menu based on your food preferences and dietary restrictions. We shop for ingredients at local purveyors and farmer's markets. We prepare all of the dishes fresh from scratch on the same day that your meals are delivered. Everything is packaged family style in reusable glass containers to minimize waste. Meals are delivered directly to your door in insulated bags with reheating instructions and serving suggestions for each dish. For regular meal deliveries, containers will be picked up at the next delivery. For one-time deliveries, we will schedule a container pick up.

Sample Menu

Spring 2021

Main Dishes

Stir Fried Fava Beans

with shallots, garlic, tamari + sichuan peppercorns

Crispy Roasted Heritage Pork Shoulder
with citrus-mojo

Five Dot Ranch Beef Kofta
with cilantro, parsley, spices + onions

Steamed SF Landed Black Cod
with miso, ginger + green garlic

Green Curry California Spot Prawns
with lemongrass, thai basil + coconut milk

Side Dishes

Roasted Delta Asparagus

Grilled Purple Daikon + Watermelon Radishes

Pea Tendril Salad

with snap peas, mint + meyer lemon vinaigrette

Rancho Gordo California Wild Rice

Little Organic Farm Roasted Fingerling Potatoes


with charred scallions + herbs

Straus Yogurt
with tahini + sumac

Meal Plans

Menu planning, shopping, cooking, and delivery are included in our service fee. The cost of groceries is additional.

Simple Plan

1 Delivery of 3 Main Dishes + 3 Side Dishes + 1 Sauce (4 servings per dish)


$375 + cost of groceries 


12 meals for a single person
6 meals for two people
3 meals for four people

Variety Plan

1 Delivery of 4 Main Dishes + 4 Side Dishes + 2 Sauces (4 servings per dish)



$425 + cost of groceries 


16 meals for a single person
8 meals for two people
4 meals for four people

Dynamic Plan

1 Delivery of 5 Main Dishes + 5 Side Dishes + 2 Sauces (4 servings per dish)



$475 + cost of groceries 


20 meals for a single person
10 meals for two people
5 meals for four people

Bespoke Plan

Your Choice of Number of Dishes, Servings, and Delivery Frequency



$TBD + cost of groceries 


Meal Delivery Inquiry

Please fill out the inquiry form and we will confirm your delivery within 1 business day.


Thank you for your inquiry !