summer 2021

Main Dishes

Ayocote Morado Beans

with nopales, arbol chiles + sesame

Crispy Roasted Heritage Pork Shoulder
with citrus-mojo

Five Dot Ranch Beef Kofta
with cilantro, parsley, spices + onions

Steamed SF Landed Black Cod
with miso, ginger + garlic scapes

Green Curry California Spot Prawns
with lemongrass, thai basil + coconut milk

Side Dishes

Grilled Patty Pan and Avocado Squash

Pan Seared Maitake Mushrooms

Marinated Beet Salad

with dill, red onion + toasted pine nuts

Rancho Gordo California Wild Rice

Roasted New Potatoes


with charred scallions + herbs

Straus Yogurt
with tahini + sumac